Friday, July 29, 2011

Culinary School

So I have been wanting to become a Chef for a very long time. I am finally able to say I am enrolled into Culinary School. I am very excited to start in August. It is going to be wonderful actually learning new things and refining my skills I already have.

The first semester will be just a couple courses that have to do with cooking, the rest are just so I can accomplish my associates degree in Culinary Arts. I finally feel like I am doing something with my life to fulfill it more than it already is. I hope I am doing something my family and friends will be proud of me for doing!

So now we will have to college students in my household, my husband and myself. We are doing this to better our lives together and our sons life, as well as our future children ;)


  1. Congratulations! And just an FYI, your husband was REALLY looking forward to your dinner tonight!

  2. How exciting! Best wishes!