Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back in School

I had the summer off from school but really didn't cook that much. I was lacking in inspiration for food. This semester is going to be extremely busy because of class from 7:30am till 1:30pm Monday through Friday. I am going to try and write about my experiences in class and at home trying new things more often. Now lets get on with the show. 

Today was the second day of class, the first of many in the kitchen lab. It was exhausting and frustrating because I felt like I was so far behind everyone. To start off I had to make 4 different salad dressings from scratch, which 2 required mayonnaise and of course I had to make that by hand as well. Its amazing something that requires little effort to go pick up in the store can be so time consuming and have that many ingredients.

But of course tomorrow is a new day and the first day of service. Yes service, did I forget to mention that? Yes the culinary program actually has a dining room that we do serve the public. So it will be interesting day tomorrow, wish me luck!

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