Saturday, March 3, 2012

Safety and Sanitation

This course for my culinary schooling is one most people often overlook or do not know the importance of this course. Safety and sanitation is very important for anyone to take. A food born illness takes only 2 people to get sick to be considered an outbreak. That's right, only 2! 

Its amazing at what can make you sick and its also miraculous that most of us haven't died from these illness'. Some are really easy to prevent like salmonella by proper handling and cooking then there are the ones like Hepatitis A that even proper cooking will not destroy the virus. 

The biggest thing I learned from the course is it is the person that is handling the food that is the biggest problem and biggest solution to food illness outbreaks. They can either help fix the problem or make it worse. This course is something anyone working in the food industry should have to take! 

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